Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key technology in many of today's novel applications, ranging from banking systems that detect attempted credit card fraud, to telephone systems that understand speech, to software systems that notice when you're having problems and offer appropriate advice.

The following four case studies highlight application areas where AI technology is having a strong impact on industry and everyday life.

    - Authorizing Financial Transactions
    - Configuring Hardware and Software
    - Diagnosing and Treating Problems
    - Scheduling for Manufacturing

The very premise of AI technology is its ability to continually learn from the data it collects. The more data there is to collect and analyze through carefully crafted algorithms, the better the machine becomes at making predictions.

Machine-learning technologies are driving increases in productivity never before seen. From workflow management tools to trend predictions and even the way brands purchase advertising, AI is changing the way we do business.

Big data is a goldmine for businesses, but companies are practically drowning in it. Yet, it’s been a primary driver for AI advancements, as machine-learning technologies can collect and organize massive amounts of information to make predictions and insights that are far beyond the capabilities of manual processing. Not only does it increase organizational efficiency, but it dramatically reduces the likelihood that a critical mistake will be made. AI can detect irregular patterns, such as spam filtering or payment fraud, and alert businesses in real time about suspicious activities. Businesses can “train” AI machines to handle incoming customer support calls, reducing costs.

AI is starting to have a strong impact in healthcare advancements due to its ability to analyze massive amounts of genomic data, leading to more accurate prevention and treatment of medical conditions on a personalized level. Other areas such as automotive, transportation, agriculture, mining, energy, are setting their eyes on AI.

At Advanced Era of Science, AI has been a major part of our company's software solutions since 1997.

Our expertise encompasses object-oriented analysis and design, software development in R, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, C/C++, Python, PHP, XML, Visual C++, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle/Sybase.

We have successfully developed and implemented customized original AI information-processing algorithms for BIG data - for which no other software/hardware alternative was available for the following sectors: Automotive and Health. Examples include:

     Stochastic, Diagnostic, Sorting, Searching, Matching, Prediction and Modeling algorithms.

Most importantly, our software engineers know well the difference between data and information. They will use every opportunity to optimize your time, budget, equipment and software resources to deliver the best combination of solutions to your business challenges.

There is so much potential for AI development that it’s getting harder to imagine a future without it.