Cloud-based solutions have a number of advantages for business over the traditional way of providing services. Among them these benefits are: cost saving, device and location independence, scalability, reliability, performance, utilization of resources and security.

Today’s businesses require a better backup solution. With more data being created, the value of the data increasing, stricter regulations, and no time for downtime—an image-based backup solution fits the bill better than older, outdated methods.

With image-based backup a picture of the workstation or server is taken and stored as a place in time for that machine. This is essential for restoration because rebuilding or virtualizing a machine requires not just files but also the applications and systems. Backups are the size of the changed data between two points but hold the information to restore any piece of data that was on the machine at the time of the backup.

Additional advantages of image-based backup are: full restores are faster, can restore individual files, ability for bare metal restores (BMR), can verify images, boot virtual machines, and run remote offices. Image-based backup is an integral component of a complete business continuity solution.

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